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Best prices on Milwaukee power tools, accessories, and kits

There are many, many benefits to living in New Zealand. Unfortunately, one hitch is the exorbitant price that you often pay for any imported item. High prices are especially true if you work in the construction or building trades or you enjoy do-it-yourself home repairs. These situations require the use of numerous power tools, which can often be quite expensive, especially if you’re looking for top-of-the-line quality like you would find in Milwaukee power tools.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can find Milwaukee toolkits and other top brands at i-tools for amazingly low prices. We eliminate the middleman who drives up the cost of your purchase. When you buy directly from us, you’re buying from a New Zealand based company that imports those top-of-the-line items you need, and sells them at a price you won’t find any other place. We also offer a New Zealand warranty on all power tools we sell, on top of any actual warranties provided by the tool manufacturer.

Get Milwaukee accessories

Milwaukee power tools have long been known for their quality. Their history stretches back to the end of World War I. Car manufacturer Henry Ford was looking for a drill to use on his assembly lines that was lighter and more compact. A young man from Wisconsin named A.H. Petersen took up the challenge and created the “Hole-Shooter.” It only weighed five pounds and could be used in one hand. After a fire destroyed Petersen’s plant in 1922, Albert Seibert bought the assets in 1924 and reopened the business as the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company.

The company prospered in the coming years as its reputation for quality grew. In its early years, the company’s research team dug deep into why power tools often failed and regularly came up with new and better models. It worked on many contracts for the US military over the years. During WWII many planes built in the US were constructed with Milwaukee Hole-Shooters. Milwaukee accessories also became indispensable for anyone working in the automotive or metal-working trades. During the 1950’s the saying was that Milwaukee tools helped build suburbia in the US. Zoom ahead several decades and Milwaukee became the first tool company to use ion-lithium batteries. That spirit of innovation and reputation for quality continues to this day.

Find deals on Milwaukee tools

Our goal is to bring you the best prices on quality tools you need in your industry along with the knowledge that you are dealing with a well-established company - you’re not just buying tools from the Internet from some auction site where you can’t be sure about quality or warranty. We give you auction site prices and professional customer services at the same time.

We are always aiming to improve our offerings and bring you the items you need. If you know of a tool that you think would be useful for us to carry, let us know. We always welcome your feedback, and we will always give you the best prices and the best customer service. Contact us today.