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Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee M18 18v Tools Provide Best-in-Class Torque and Power

There’s something special about a high-quality, high-powered cordless tool. If you’ve ever used a cheap, low-powered tool, you’ve probably seen and felt the results that it brings. These low-cost, reduced power tools never get the job done perfectly. They often require a lot of force and pressure from their operator just to complete a task, and you never end up feeling confident that you’ve done the best job possible. Instead of settling for these cheap power tools, invest in a set that will give you much better results thanks to increased power and performance. Your best bet for fantastic performance, durability, and power is the Milwaukee M18 line of tools. These 18v tools offer brushless motors, robust designs, longer lasting batteries, and 500 in-lbs of torque.

Don’t settle for less just because the price might seem better. Milwaukee M18 tools are perfect for any job, and the cost shouldn’t deter you. In fact, if you shop with us at i-tools, it won’t. As New Zealand’s leading supplier and distributor of power tools, we have a fantastic selection of power tools from multiple brands, and we offer them all at the most affordable prices in the country. The only way to find them this cheap elsewhere is through an auction site that won’t provide you with the same safety, guarantees, and warranties that we include with your purchases.

Check out our entire line of Milwaukee 18v power tools, including our cordless drills, saws, and impact wrenches. For more information on these and other tools we sell, call us on 0800 905 523 or fill out our contact form here.