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AL1860/1880CV Bosch 14.4-18V Li-ion Charger


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Product Description


AL1860/1880CV Bosch 14.4-18V Li-ion Charger - Charger Only

The Bosch GAL 1880 CV fast charger is exactly that, fast. Charging an 8.0Ah battery to 80% in 50min means downtime is limited and users are back to earning quicker. Active Ari Cooling means it pulls air through the battery to cool it and charge it quicker.

The GAL 1880 CV is also intelligent, identifying the voltage, Ah, temperature and charge level of each battery inserted. It will assess the condition and charge the battery to maximize charge and minimize time. Compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V Li-Ion batteries since 2009.


50% faster charging of the batteries (compared to AL 1860 CV)
Quick-charge mode: 4.0 Ah battery is ready to use with 80% of its capacity after only 25 mins
Active Air Cooling for longer lifetime of the batteries

Charging Voltage: 14.4V-18V
Charge Current: 8A
Charging Time (80%/100% Approx):
1.5Ah Battery: 10min/25 min
2.0Ah Battery: 15min/30min
3.0Ah Battery: 20min/35min
4.0Ah Battery: 25min/35min
5.0Ah Battery: 35min/45min
6.0Ah Battery: 35min/55min
6.3Ah Battery: 41min/55min
4.0Ah ProCore Battery: 32min/51min
8.0Ah ProCore Battery: 68min/79min
12.0Ah ProCore Battery: 113min/126min
Weight: 0.7kg

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