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For Superior Productivity and Speed, Check Out the Milwaukee M12 and M18 Cordless Multi Tool from i-tools

Featuring brushless motors – now standard in power tool technology – the Milwaukee M12 multi tool as well as its older brother, the M18 multi tool set, are some of the finest cordless tool collections on the market currently. In the M12 set, you’ll find a ½ inch hammer drill driver, a ¼ inch hex impact driver, and a hackzall saw. Thanks to Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM 2.0 battery packs, these cordless power tools have some of the longest runtimes of any high-quality, heavy-duty tools. In the Milwaukee M18 multi tool set, you’ll get an impact driver, a hammer/drill, a recip saw, a circular saw, and a LED torch, each with that same battery technology that’ll keep them running long after your job’s finished.

These Milwaukee multi tool sets have become some of the industry’s finest tools. They’re perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts as well as construction and contracting professionals. When you’re in the market for a new multi tool, look no further than Milwaukee. At i-tools, we carry a wide selection of these branded products, including both the M12 and M18 which come with those high-quality brushless motors.

Benefits of a Milwaukee Multi Tool and Brushless Motors

In each of these Milwaukee cordless multi tool sets, you’ll find that the various tools have top-of-the-line brushless motors. Brushless motors are unique when compared to other tool motors because they lose the old-school carbon brushes and commutators that handle the charge of a motor. Instead of this setup, brushless motors utilise small circuit boards to control that charge and the energy delivery that powers the motor during operation. Because they use circuit boards, these tools end up being smarter than their brushed motor counterparts. They’re able to sense a lack of resistance when drilling screws or hammering nails, reducing the power output, and conserving energy when needed.

What you end up with are tools that are more powerful, yet use less power to operate because of the smarter internal technology. You’ll have more efficient tools, more durable motors, and longer-lasting tools. In Milwaukee M12 and M18 multi tools, you have these brushless motors as well as the REDLITHIUM battery technology, which also helps increase runtime. When you buy Milwaukee cordless tools, you’re buying some of the most durable, best-in-class power tools that we offer. At i-tools, we carry these and many other Milwaukee power tools for any of your construction or project needs.

About Us

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