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Find a quality Milwaukee 4, 5, 6, or 7 piece combo kit

If you work in the building trade or pride yourself on being a do-it-yourself home repair person, you know how important it is to have quality power tools like the Milwaukee 4 piece combo kit. You get a drill, reciprocating saw, a hex driver, and an LED light. Perfect for many jobs. Unfortunately, there is the cost factor. Since all power tools used in New Zealand need to come from abroad, this drives up the prices to often exorbitant levels.

There is a way to avoid these high costs. Get your Milwaukee combo kits from i-tools. We’re a trusted New Zealand company, and we’re working to get you the best prices available by cutting out the middleman and selling to you directly. Unlike buying your Milwaukee 5 piece combo from an auction site, you’ll get our warranty as well. It’s the ideal solution when you need Milwaukee power tools on your job.

Find Milwaukee 6 piece combo kit

We offer many Milwaukee combo kits on our website. The Milwaukee 6 piece combo kit includes the drill, reciprocating saw and hex driver along with a 6 ½” circular saw, a 4 ½” grinder and LED light. The Milwaukee 7 piece combo kit is another perfect set of the best of the line power tools available. Any of the Milwaukee combo kits are ideal for the man or woman who needs a dependable, well-made power tool regardless of the job at hand.

Milwaukee has been making power tools under the Milwaukee name since 1924. It’s “Hole Shooter” drill was the standard for decades in construction and metal working and helped to build the planes and ships for the US military for years, including during WWII. Through constant research and testing, the Milwaukee Electric Tools Company’s goal was continuous improvement and innovation. Those innovations helped build the American suburbs in the 50s and 60s. It was the tool most in demand by those working in construction. That drive for innovation continues. For instance, Milwaukee was the first power tool company to use long-lasting ion-lithium batteries starting in 2000. When you’re looking for the best in power tools, the Milwaukee brand still ranks near the top of any list.

Find best prices

Our goal is to bring you the best quality equipment at the lowest prices anywhere. We are the country’s leading supplier of top-of-the-line power tools. We’re a New Zealand-based company which means you will always be dealing with someone local and established. We provide excellent customer service and our own warranty on all the products we sell.

If you’re looking for quality power tools, and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the equipment you need on the job, we’re the people to help you. Whether you need a Milwaukee 4 piece combo kit or any package with more tools, when you buy from us you get superb personalised service and unbeatable prices. Contact us today.