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How to Find the Right Provider When You Need a Makita 18v Cordless Drill Set

Many organisations rate New Zealand highly for its quality of life, yet some products are far more expensive here than in many other developed nations. Unfortunately, due to New Zealand's remote location, the costs of shipping and importing can increase the price of products by a significant percentage. We might be able to avoid purchasing items that we think are overpriced, but if you work in the construction industry, you have no choice but to buy the tools you need to do your job. However, don't be fooled by thinking that shipping fees are solely responsible for some of the extortionate power tool price tags.

Unfortunately, even after the products arrive in New Zealand, retailers and online suppliers often mark up the price of their power tools considerably. Many sellers know that you'll pay their fees because you need their products to perform your duties, and while they're in the process of maximising their profits, they steal a fair portion of yours. Fortunately, however, a new online retailer is trying to solve the problem by importing from overseas and selling to the public directly, effectively cutting the middleman and all associated fees out of the equation.

At i-tools, our mission is to be New Zealand's most competitively priced power of high-quality, imported power tools, such as the Makita drill. Makita is one of the world's leaders in cordless tool technology, and thanks to its reputation for excellence, you can find its products all over the world. Makita's products are sought after because of their longevity, superb functionality, and durability, and now, thanks to our professionals, you can buy a high-quality Makita cordless drill without the extortionate price tag.

The Most Affordable Makita Drill Set in New Zealand

The Makita 18v drill is suitable for all sorts of tasks, and the Makita brand name is synonymous with precision and high quality. Here's why an increasing number of people recommend us as the go-to provider of the power tool in question:

  • You can’t beat us on price: As mentioned above, we remove the middleman from the equation so that you don't have to pay the high retail fees. We're becoming the nation's largest provider of Makita 18v cordless drills thanks to our commitment to affordability, which is a commitment we intend to keep intact.
  • We guarantee a prompt delivery: We have all the products you'll find online stocked in our warehouse ready for dispatching, meaning you can expect your Makita tools to arrive within a matter of days.
  • We boast an extensive product selection: Makita 18v cordless drills aren't the only tools we provide; we also have a vast range of products from manufacturers including DeWalt and Bosch.

Fantastic Warranties, Low Prices, and Speedy Deliveries Guaranteed

Here at i-tools, maintaining our reputation for excellence is just as vital as stocking the most competitively priced, high-quality power tools in New Zealand, which is why we are the sole importer of all our products and cover all our inventory with warranties. If you need something we don’t include in our stock range, contact our friendly professionals today, and we'll try and track it down for you.