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Get Maximum Versatility from Your Tools: Buy a Cordless 18V or 20V DeWalt Multi Tool

Are you tired of digging around in your toolbox or tool bag, looking for a tool that you thought you had but don’t? If so, then a DeWalt multi tool might be the ideal choice for your next purchase. Robust, powerful, versatile, and capable of working from 100% battery power, DeWalt’s multi-function tools are essential for every tradesperson or hobbyist.

Why DeWalt?

If you are thinking about buying a DeWalt cordless multi tool, but are also considering other brands, it might be helpful to know about DeWalt’s history for excellence.

DeWalt is not a company that has only been making tools for a few years. On the contrary, DeWalt is an institution in the power tools industry. The company’s earliest origins back to 1922, when founder Raymond DeWalt built the world’s first-ever woodworking machine. His goal was to create a tool that could drastically improve the versatility and productivity on his farm. Today, DeWalt products have been adopted by companies and tradespeople across all industries. Still, versatility and productivity have remained instrumental to the DeWalt brand.

In 1924, DeWalt officially became a business: DeWalt Products Company. The flagship launch product was the DeWalt Wonder-Worker, a woodworking machine—not unlike the one that Raymond DeWalt built two years earlier—that you could configure a total of nine different ways.

The traditional of configurability lives on with the DeWalt brand in 2017—93 years after the company opened its doors and 95 since Raymond DeWalt built his first woodworking machine. When you buy a DeWalt 20V multi tool from New Zealand’s i-tools, you will get a multitude of different functions in an all-in-one package. (We also have DeWalt 18V multi tools available for purchase.)

Buy a DeWalt Cordless Multi Tool at i-tools

If you are thinking about purchasing a DeWalt 18V or 20V multi tool, but aren’t sure which one is right for you, i-tools is happy to help.

First, start with a power consideration. DeWalt 20V Max tools are at the top of the line as far as multi tools go. Tools from this premium cordless lineup offer maximum power tool runtime and performance and are ideal for particularly rugged and heavy-duty project work. DeWalt 18V multi tools, meanwhile, give just the right amount of power for slightly smaller, more modest jobs.

If you are looking for a DeWalt 20V multi tool, you can’t go wrong with the DeWalt DCS355B 20-Volt MAX XR Brushless Oscillating Multi Tool Bare Tool. This tool makes it incredibly easy to swap from one blade or tool attachment to the next. Its functions are as versatile as the DeWalt name might lead you to believe, ranging from sanding and grinding to cutting and sawing. Add the brushless motor, which allows the tool to run for 57% longer than most brushed multi tools on the market, and it’s clear why many people are choosing this product for their home improvement needs.

Are you looking for a DeWalt 18V or 20V multi tool? Call i-tools on 0800 905 523 for help finding just what you need.