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From 18V to 20V, Choose the Right DeWalt Cordless Drill Set for Your Next Project

Whether the job is a do-it-yourself home renovation project or a high-profile construction contract for your professional team, your chances of success are only as good as your tools. Finding the right power tools for the job is a must. If you are in New Zealand, there is no better place to shop than i-tools.

Shop i-tools for Your DeWalt Cordless Drill Needs

Perhaps for this project, you are in the market for a new cordless drill. You are thinking that you’d like to go for a DeWalt drill, but aren’t sure which model is right for the work.

When you shop at i-tools, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. We know that DeWalt is the leading manufacturer of industrial power tools—not to mention a dependable supplier of useful accessories and attachments. We also stock a vast array of DeWalt products—from drills to saws to multi tools. Bottom line, you can always find the right DeWalt gear by shopping with us.

If you are in the market for a DeWalt drill set, i-tools has what you need. We carry both DeWalt 18V drills and DeWalt 20V MAX drills.

On the 18-volt side of the equation, the DeWalt DCD760 18V Compact Drill is a popular choice—, especially for do-it-yourself home renovators. The lightweight, ergonomic design is perfect for all-day use and for fighting user fatigue. The dual speed range, meanwhile (from zero to 500 RPM or from zero to 1,700—makes it a versatile, application-hopping tool. From cabinets to decks to wall hangings, this drill is an excellent cordless set for most standard uses.

If you think you need a little more power, consider a DeWalt drill set from the 20V MAX range. On this side of the spectrum, the 20V MAX Lithium Ion Compact Drill/Driver tends to be one of our more popular products at i-tools. Like the DeWalt DCD760 18V, this drill is compact, ergonomic, and comfortable to use. It fits comfortably into tighter workspaces and will offer a familiar feel to anyone who has ever used a drill before. The difference is that this drill offers a dual range with slightly more speed and power (zero to 600 RPM and zero to 2,000), for quicker fastening and drilling.

In addition to these two DeWalt cordless drills, the 20V MAX range also offers a few more specialised drill sets. For instance, i-tools also stocks DeWalt’s stud and joist drills, angle drills, and hammer drills.

Get Help Finding the Right DeWalt Drill Set for Your Next Job

At DeWalt, we love providing our customers with a helpful and personalised service. If you are just looking for a DeWalt drill for day to day around the house use, we can help you find that. If you are shopping for new equipment for your construction trade team, we can help you with that, too. From DeWalt 18V drills to the 20V MAX range, we want to make sure you get the right product for your application. Call us on 0800 905 523 to get started.