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Estwing GP-18 I Beam Gad Point Pry Bar


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Product Description

GP-18 Estwing Beam Gad Point Pry Bar

The Estwing GP18 I beam gad point pry bar has a heavy duty design made specifically for the serious rock hunter. The Estwing GP18 allows you to break rocks, chip rocks, or pry rocks apart for the toughest jobs. The pointed tip of the Estwing GP18 can be used as a chisel, the other end allows you to pry rocks apart. The GP18 is made by the Estwing Manufacturing Company.

Light weight, long lasting forged steel
Chiseled point for serious rock breaking.
Pry end with 18in length, makes prying easy.
Made in U.S.A

Length: 18in
Quantity: 1

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