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Estwing E3-22S Nylon-Vinyl Grip Smooth Face Hammer


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Product Description

Estwing E3-22S Long Handled Nylon-Vinyl Grip Smooth Face Hammer

Estwing E3-22S 22 oz. Rip Hammer with smooth face has a bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip that reduces shock up to 70 percent and will not come off. The head and handle are forged in one piece and are fully polished. This tool has unsurpassed balance and temper. Longer handle and heavier head for driving large common nails.

-Designed for use by carpenters and framers
-1 Piece forged steel head and handle
-Rip claws are designed to pull nails efficiently
-Handle and head are fully polished
-Molded and bonded shock reduction grip reduces shock up to 70 percent
-Grip will never come off of handle
-Balanced hammer design for comfort and control
-Made in USA

-Face: Smooth
-Claw Type: Rip

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