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DEWALT DW4945 Rubber Backing Pad with L


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Product Description

DEWALT DW4945 4-1/2-Inch Rubber Backing Pad with Locking Nut

DEWALT DW4945 4-1/2-inch rubber backing pad with locking nut is an ideal replacement for your worn out 4-1/2-inch backing pad. The backing pad is a crucial component for attaching sanding discs, foam bonnets, and polishing bonnets. For best results, make sure that you choose a backing pad that properly fits your sander, grinder, or polisher. With a 5/8-x-11-inch locking nut, this steel reinforced rubber backing pad is designed to work at a maximum of 12,000 RPM.

Part Number - DW4945
Weight - 6.08 Ounces
Length - 6.73 inches
Width - 4.88 inches
Height - 1 inches

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