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Carrera CP8812-T 12" Digital Caliper Alloy


$95.00 Out of Stock

Product Description

Carrera Precision 0'' to 12'' Alloy Electronic Digital Caliper w/ Custom Fitted Case

The CP8812-T can produce accurate measurements that would be impossible to duplicate with a tape measure or ruler. This Ultimate Digital Caliper measures interior and exterior width, depth, and step in Decimal Inches and Millimeters on a large LCD display. Just simply press a button to pick from the three settings, along with an on/off button, and a zero reset. Whether the application is for everyday use on the job or on occasion you will be satisfied with this digital caliper. It features extra large easy to read digital LCD screen and has a strong stainless steel frame for rugged durability that withstands abuse. The Digital Caliper even comes in its own Heavy Duty Fitted Case.

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