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DeWalt 18v

For DIY Jobs, the DeWalt 18v Line of Power Tools Offer the Perfect Amount of Power

If you’re a fan of handling your own home maintenance and repairs, you won’t need the top-of-the-line power tools to get the job done, but you’ll undoubtedly need reliable, high-quality products that won’t overheat or break down on you in the middle of a project. While some might recommend spending thousands of dollars on tools that you may never need, our friendly staff at i-tools would recommend something with just the right amount of power for your DIY projects. The DeWalt 18v line of power tools includes everything you’d need to take care of your home repairs. In this line, you’ll find affordable but powerful cordless hammers, jigsaws, recip saws, impact wrenches, drills, and more. The best part is that you’ll find them all at very affordable prices, especially when you shop at i-tools.

For the past 11 years, i-tools has been New Zealand’s leading retailer and distributor of power tools, offering the highest-quality products at the lowest prices you’ll find. We provide the entire DeWalt 18v line as well as the accessories – battery packs, vehicle chargers – to go along with it. We believe in giving you all the best power tool options available, but won’t try to overcharge or upsell you. When you simply need something with just the right amount of power for your DIY jobs, we have the DeWalt 18v drills and saws for you.

For more information on our entire selection of power tools from all major brands, shop our online store or call us on 0800 905 523. For general sales enquiries, you can fill out this form here.